The Diaconate

The Diaconate is responsible for the greater good and in service to our Pastor and congregation. Stewardship, service, and faithfulness are our tools and our charge. We serve God by serving God’s people.

Maude Adams

Mervin Adams

Andrew Allen

Rachel Brown

Cedric Burkett

Dorothea Caldwell-Brown

Sarah Clark

Allen Coston

Yvonne Coston

Corrie Crowder

Fred Crowder

Bassi Davis

Yolanda Powell Davis

Diana Davis

Johnnie Davis Jr.

Jacqueline DeGraff

Deidre Flowers

Mark Flowers

Louise Gadson

Donnie Hagans

Tracey Cole Hagans

Ronald Harden

Carl Jager

Barbara Lewis

Geneva Lewis

Aaron Manley

Eleanor Mayo

Walter Mayo

Bertha McGhee

Leman McGhee

Anthony Peterson

Cheryl Peterson

Cynthia Rountree

Michael Russell

Rhona Russell

Dyrnest Sinckler

Eudaker Taylor

Zeaniah Taylor

Dorothy Thompson

Howard Thompson

Anna Brown Turner

Robert Turner

Carol Viaer

Frank Viaer

Bryan Williams