Thomas D. Johnson, Sr., D.Min. Senior Pastor

Welcome to the new and ever-improving Canaan Baptist Church of Christ Website.  While we continue to build upon the site, we are all aware of the importance of social media in order to minister to and inform the faith community about important issues in the world, directly and indirectly, affecting their lives. Our mission as a church is the preach the good news of Jesus Christ to every creature. The global pandemic which has spanned over a year now has significantly impacted the methods by which the Body of Christ shares this good news. COVID-19 has made an impact on our method but not on the message. We still preach Jesus and Him crucified. For the time being and in all likelihood for quite some time, social media will be a major forum for sharing, learning,  inspiration, consolation, sympathy, and empathy employed by Canaan.   I’m grateful to God for this medium.  I have resolved to utilize this medium for as long as is necessary, always seeking to improve my personal skills in accessing you and thousands of others with a word from the Lord. To be sure, this is not the optimal means we would prefer to come together.  We yearn for the kind of human fellowship w may have taken for granted for many years.  I sometimes think God is testing us, for us to realize how richly we have been blessed.  Hopefully, we now appreciate former days when we were able to enter the very House of God for worship and fellowship. Until the virus lifts and it has been deemed safe to return to our houses of worship, we must improve our skills and upgrade our equipment to give the people of God what they need and to glorify God in a way consistent with the tools God has given the church to work with.

Without question, we’ve had a very difficult year in social media as we wrestle with new technology challenges of operating from a very old edifice that had to be retrofitted for YouTube Facebook website Twitter and other social media platforms. Obviously, there have been many concerns/complaints about our Sunday broadcast and other presentations. Believe me, no one has been more frustrated than myself and our production staff. But we have never given up we keep learning and continue to learn more and more about the evolving virtual highway. I’m confident we’re going to get there. I only ask for your continued patience and prayers as we tirelessly work to make things better.  We will have to make significant improvements to our infrastructure within to overcome the glitches and interruptions that have been so disturbing.

To that end, continue to visit this site daily as we build, to receive notices from the Senior Pastor and get ACCURATE INFORMATION regarding what is going on at Canaan. 

“I don’t feel no’ways tired.  I’ve come too far from where I started from.  Nobody told me the road would be easy.  I don’t believe God brought us thus far to leave us.”


Thomas D. Johnson, Sr., D.Min.

Senior Pastor